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MacDraft Pro

Intuitive and Easy to Use CAD Drawing Software for Mac.

The latest version of MacDraft Professional is the 2D CAD app that makes floor & garden plan design, architectural drawing and technical illustration easy on Mac. Create precise and professional 2D CAD drawings in moments, with this easy-to-use, powerful and affordable drafting application. With its precise vector tools, smart units and fully-featured scaled environment MacDraft is designed to deliver an easy to use solution, without having to spend hours and hours learning how to use more complicated software.

Latest Version - 6.2?

What’s new in the latest MacDraft version 6.2

The latest version of MacDraft Professional includes some impressive improvements and features, that makes version 6.2 far more intuitive, powerful and easy-to-use than ever before. Boasting a range of additions to not only make using MacDraft easier, but to speed up your design process

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High Sierra
macOS High Sierra

Designed for MacOS and compatible with the MacOS 10.13 High Sierra. This brings a whole host of speed and efficiency to your software, making your MacDraft experience more enjoyable. High Sierra nvot only provides a more confident and powerful MacOS, it also gives an elegant design, that feels familiar, enhancing your applications and giving you a boost.

Welcome Screen
Welcome Screen

A helpful screen that opens when the application runs. Included in the Welcome Screen is acces to new document templates, recent documents, product registration, take a tour, forum, video tutorials and help & support. This is a single place to make it easier for you to access everything you need. In addtion, this can be hidden or controlled via your preferences.

Template Chooser
Template Chooser

Here you can select from a range of pre-drawn templates and sample documents to help you get started. From floor plans to illustrations, there’s something for every occasion. Alternatively you can choose to start with a blank document. In addition you can save your own templates and control how MacDraft Professional opens when you start your drawings and layouts.

Smart Snapping
Smart Snapping

The Smart Snap feature gives you complete control over the positioning of your objects and groups with relation to other items in the document. Quickly snap to the edges and centers with intuitive and precise snap lines that make positioning your objects easier and faster, saving you time. This is great for when working on precise layouts for any type of design or creation.

Custom Guides
Custom Guides

Guides are a great way to control the position and alignment of you objects across a page. They can help when creating layout documents, CAD drawings, engineering plans and more. You can add and delete guides with ease and for more precise guide placement use the add guide menu options and define a position. In addition, the guides are not included in your print-outs.

Custom Interface
Custom Interface

Customize the background color, grid color and guide line color of your document using the Interface Colors... option via the Options menu. You can also choose whether the background color you set is included in the printing of your document. All these options can be set as a preference allowing you to completely customize your drawing area for all your deisgns.

Centered Document
Centered Document

Having the document centered in the window gives you much more control over it’s content and the positioning of objects withing the artboard. Zooming is also much easier to control when working with complex drawings. The centering of the document is on by default, to change the document view between standard and centered, use the app preferences.

Dead Zone
Dead Zone (Grey Space)

Drag objects around the document area and overlap them into the dead space. This will allow you to control your bleeds and overlays for document layouts and printing. You can also drag them into the dead space and store them there while you are working on other parts of the drawing. Anything stored in the dead space or overlapped will be excluded from printing.

Helper Palette
Helper Palette

The Helper palette will help teach you how to use the main tools and dimensions in MacDraft. With the Helper palette open, simply select one of the main tools or dimension tools and the Helper palette will guide you through how to use them and show some helpful tips. In addition, the Helper palette will also display any modifier or shortcuts associated to that tool.

Power and Interface
Power & Interface

MacDraft has undergone some major changes at a low level, which has enabled us to provide a much faster performance, boosting the speed of the product. We have made some simple changes to the Toolbar and some palette icons. The cursor now displays the size parameters during the drawing of shapes and the resizing and the position when moving objects.

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Floor Plan Design

Quick and easy floor plan design for all building types

Whether your a novice or a seasoned draftsmen, floor plan design is quick and easy in MacDraft Professional. Combining powerful and precise drawings tools with thousands of pre-drawn symbols and graphics, you’ll be creating your floor plans in a matter of minutes. Add walls, windows and doors. Next you can drag and drop furniture, appliances and fixtures from a large library of floor plan symbols or create your own symbols. Once finished you can print your floor plan, export it to PDF and share it with others. Create traditional line work floor plans or full color vibrant floor plan designs, it’s up to you!

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Garden & Landscape Plans

Quick, vibrant and stylish garden & landscape designs

MacDraft Pro makes it easy to design and layout beautiful and vibrant landscape and garden plan designs. Combine ease of use with thousands of pre-drawn symbols and graphics, and start creating your landscape and garden plans in a matter of minutes. Add shapes, lines and sections. Next you can drag and drop plants, tyrees and structures from a large library of garden plan symbols or create your own symbols. Once finished you can print your designs, export them to PDF and share them with others. Create traditional line work garden and landscape designs or full color vibrant layouts, it’s up to you!

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